Metal Roofs: Maintenance vs Ignorance

September 10, 2014 - Roof
Metal Roofs: Maintenance vs Ignorance

Metal roofs are not sensitive, but they are the most important component of the composition of a house. The climate, corrosion, foreign elements that frequently fall on it, water or snow are conditions that must be considered when we want to protect our long-term investment. I mean, if I chose to completely ignore our roof, be it metal, brick, then we must be sure that our inaction will lead to high costs and problems. If that does not happen, it means that we are very lucky.

So, metal roofs but other types of roofs also, should be delivered with an instruction manual, that describes in detail the special maintenance. Sometimes this happens, sometimes not. It is not the supplier’s fault, but yours, as the owner of the house. Ask for at least some care instructions, do not rely on the fact that the producer wrote in the description that your new metal roof will last forever without even having to have a look at it from time to time.

It is said that a tile made of a metal panel can be as attractive as a car, but is not always practical. Long time ago, homeowners completely ignored this type of roof, believing that a piece of metal is suitable only for industrial halls. The ignorance is still present, over time. At first, people did not want to hear about it, nowadays people install a beautiful metal roof then forget about it completely.

Reconditioning and monitoring the metal roof increases steadily the value of the house, and especially the resale value. Ignorance can cause significant damage and especially consistent and unexpected expenses. A home inspection performed by a real estate agency, will begin by checking the roof and finding hidden damages produced by the lack of maintenance. I’m not saying here that you must stay home all day long to make sure everything goes well there, you just organize your time for it.

In summertime high temperatures occur; heavy rains, hail and very strong winds can cause big damages. Don’t ignore the drainage system either. The roof serves to protect the family against the elements, so it deserves proper attention and maintenance, to protect the rest of the house and especially its inhabitants. Ignoring this aspects means irresponsibility.

If you chose to inquire what happens to your roof, then it means that the building insurance was bought for nothing. Why? Because it is unlikely that an insurance company would pay for a roof damaged by the storm, if it was not maintained regularly. The insurance policy excludes wear and damage caused by lack of maintenance if that house has a certain age. This means misinformation and ignorance. Read the info at for dependable contractors in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Why maintain your metal roof on a regular basis? Because the roof is one third of the house, and in case you want to give your home a new appearance, you can do that dramatic change in an easy and cheaper way.

Finally, many homeowners ignore the basics of roof maintenance, which can lead to costly problems. They completely forget that maintenance is cheaper than complete replacement.

A house can be one of the largest lifetime investments, so when we talk about remodeling, it is better to start from the top down. So, ignorance or maintenance? You are the one who chooses.