How To Maintain A Metal Roof? Technical details

November 25, 2014 - Roof
How To Maintain A Metal Roof? Technical details

Generally, the cost of a roof does not exceed 5% of the total value of the house, but it is of major importance for how the property will be preserved for a long time. Did you know that in Sweden, due to constant maintenance, there are metal tile roofs of over 150 years, who are still in very good condition? But let’s continue with the information about how to maintain metal roofs.

What measures the lifetime of a metal roof?

Researchers have found that there are two types of life for metal roof tiles: the aesthetic life and the technical life. The first is measured until the color changes begin to occur. It’s limit ends when the paint starts to peel. The technical life is determined by the time it no longer protects the attic or the building’s insulation.

What affects the life of the metal roof?

The important factors that may influence the two types of life are: the degree of salinity of the water, in the case of a building situated by the sea, local industry, aggressive chemical environment, traffic, excessive heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Lighter colors increase it’s life span, while darker colors lower it. South-facing roof surfaces are more affected by the sun than those facing north. It is good to know these things and act accordingly.

What operations are needed depending on the season?

Excessive snow on the roof can weaken the roof structure, therefore, when the weather conditions allow it, use an appropriate tool and clean the snow if possible. In spring, check first if the snow did not affect the roof. In summer, after every storm, it is recommended to check if nothing came undone from the roof structure. Do not forget the space under the roof, since it is there where you can have rodents, who can be harmful to your roof or to your health. A periodic deratization will save you from this inconveniences. In autumn, when leaves fall in abundance, it is best to clean the roof each week.

Technical details regarding the annual inspections

Check the roof surface. If the paint is exfoliating, shows discoloration or cracks, then the polishing, cleaning and restoring of the paint is required. If you decide to completely repaint the roof, it is better. Pay attention to these issues.

Partial destruction of the roof surface can cause corrosion. It is advisable to repaint locally or even to replace the damaged items. Dampness can cause rust, the drier the spot the better.

All the scrap metal from the repair work has to be removed. If not removed, they can cause major damage over time. Everything must be left clean, without any residues.

Pay attention, as the screws installed wrong can generate leaks. Replace all these elements, if threads are destroyed in extracting the bolts, replace them with higher diameters ones. The scoring ridges and the end panels around the valleys are the most exposed to corrosion, so they should be treated early. Clean and repaint as soon as possible.

Before completing the annual inspection we recommend to make a detailed list, with the technical condition of the roof and the measures that must be taken. Split the repairs in two categories: urgent and less urgent. Set deadlines for completion of repairs. Add a chapter to follow the operations already carried out and monitor what’s going to be done. Annual maintenance should not be neglected in any way. Read part three of The Metal Roof Maintenance Guide.

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