How to Hire a Contractor

August 24, 2016 - Tips
How to Hire a Contractor

Getting a home renovated is one of the most eventful, and also stressful, things a homeowner can do. Luckily, there are many building contractors and renovators that are eager for your business. Here are a few tips on how to hire a contractor.

You should first get recommendations from friends and family. You can also ask co-workers, or you can visit the local lumberyard and ask the employees there who they recommend. Since all of the renovators buy their supplies from there, the employees will know who is considered a quality builder and who is not.

Call the various contractors on the telephone and ask questions pertaining to the work that you need done. They should be able to tell you if they work on projects your size and be able to provide a list of references containing past clients. Nothing defines great work like a satisfied and happy customer.

After you talk to them on the phone, schedule a meeting in person. This way, you can ascertain if there is or is not a personality clash. During this time period, it is also a good idea to verify through any government consumer protection agencies or through the Better Business Bureau if the contractor has a history of consumer complaints that have gone unresolved or were not resolved satisfactorily.

After a list of potential contractors has been narrowed down, it is time to start getting bids. Have each contractor break the bid down into actual costs of materials, labor, and so forth. This way you can see what each one is charging and inquire about any major discrepancies. Do not forget to inquire about how long the project will take to complete and how soon the renovation can begin.

After the contractor you have chosen is officially hired, set the payment schedule. Do not ever pay the entire cost of the job in advance. A typical payment plan consists of a 10 percent deposit, three 25 percent payments during the course of the job, and a final 15 percent once the job has been completely finished.

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