How To Maintain A Metal Roof? Safety first

September 20, 2014 - Roof
How To Maintain A Metal Roof? Safety first

Problems with metal roofing systems are caused by the lack of maintenance. The owner is solely responsible for the use and maintenance of the roof. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are necessary to optimize the investment’s performance. Remember: it is recommended that the complex maintenance work and repair of any roof, to be entrusted to a specialized team. For the installed product to keep it’s quality, I strictly recommend to contact the initial contractor. But you can also perform preventive maintenance on your own.

We provide a useful guide for: observation and inspection of the roof, identifying important existing problems, determining the causes of the existing problems, an action plan, repair and roof maintenance.

Safety first

Take all safety precautions, the risks must be analyzed and eliminated entirely. Use proper equipment, statistics say that being a specialist in roofing is one of the top five most dangerous jobs. Do not make exceptions when it comes to life safety. Also, do not try to climb on the roof when the weather conditions aren’t just right for this. A wind or heavy rain can turn instantly into a very dangerous storm.

Identifying roof problems

Inspect the rain drainage system and make sure the gutters and downspouts allow properly drainage. Stagnant water can deteriorate the waterproof layer of the roof, it can overload the resistance structure of the building or it can create a favorable environment for vegetation. Now, we do not want a green roof, we just want a nice metal roof, clean and strong. Remove all debris such as leaves, tree branches, paper or plastic. Perform these operations with the appropriate tools. This should be done whenever necessary, especially if the weather conditions in your area are not very gentle.

Metal roof inspection frequency

It is recommended that each season the following activities to be made: checking the roof for identifying risks of infiltration or tear, the checking of the joints, nails or safety elements; identifying potential risks of chemical attacks such as oil or other chemicals that can be aggressive on metal roof elements; make emergency repairs to defects and damage found. The list can go on, in fact any other causes that could affect the roof integrity should be considered.

The company accepted by the roof manufacturer

The Repair works can be performed by the building maintenance staff, but it is recommended to sign a contract with an accepted by the manufacturer and specialized company, to entrust with these quite important operations. Warning: do not entrust with the repair works companies that are not approved by the manufacturing company, or you could lose your warranty instantly!