How to clean the roof surface?

May 15, 2015 - Roof
How to clean the roof surface?

For a metal roof to protect the building on a long term, it needs periodic maintenance. Other types of roofs aren’t to be excluded from this rule either. But a metal roof doesn’t need expensive maintenance. As mentioned in part two of the Metal Roofs Maintenance Guide, you need a general annual inspection. However, during the duration of the warranty, every five years, have a detailed inspection performed. After the warranty expires, is advisable to inspect the roof surface in detail every 2 years.

How to clean the roof surface?

The rainwater washes the roof, but it does not always manage to leave it clean. Therefore, part of this task belongs to the homeowner. So, the dirt can be removed with a cotton cloth and clean water. Do not use abrasive cloths, they can scratch the paint or the varnish coating. Try to get in the areas where rain fails to reach directly. Those too are part of the roof and are quite important.

If you plan to repaint the roof do not try to wash the surface with a jet of water, the pressure has to be as low as possible. Going against these rules will increase the probability of pore formation, which may lead to faster accumulation of residues.

If you live in a more polluted area, near the water, is recommended to use a special cleaner for these surfaces. Generally this has a non aggressive action. Use the correct amount of detergent according to manufacturer’s instructions, do not use it in excess. After the washing, rinse the area with water. It is not recommended to clean the roof surface excessively. Again, the rain is responsible for this. We just complete it.

Finally, the cleaning must be done from the top, so make sure that all debris will fall from the roof surface, otherwise we risk to spread the dirt in the same place. Do not step in the places that have already been washed.

Corrosion treatment and repainting the roof

Places that have already been affected by corrosion should be treated as follows: scrape, sand or sandblast to remove all organic materials, clean the affected parts of rust by sanding; not use sharp objects, you’ll risk to puncture the metal element, wash the area with an alkaline degrease solution liquid composed of caustic soda, liquid detergent and water, rinse with water and let it dry, apply a coat of primer on normal zinc, after drying, apply the color chosen according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to choose the right paint and how to apply it?

Paint should be chosen according to the paint base and the amount of damage. If you don’t know how to choose the right color in case of partial repainting, call a specialist, he will know how to make the mixture so as to not see color differences. When you paint, keep in mind the following three rules: do not paint in direct sunlight, nor if the whether temperature is of about 5 degrees; the ideal air temperature should reach about 80 degrees. For a general paint, use a wide brush and for retouching use only a soft brush.

Metal roof maintenance should not be limited only to our maintenance guide. You actually have to go through all the possibilities in order to have a strong roof over your home with a strong structure. Now you have a maintenance manual that can help you when needed. Keep it and use it.