How To Maintain The Warranty Of Your Metal Roof?

January 8, 2015 - Roof
How To Maintain The Warranty Of Your Metal Roof?

Metal roofs generally come with a great warranty, which can last for even 50 years. But do the homeowners know why they can lose this warranty? Do they know that a large warranty means that there are some very important requirements for most of the parts manufacturers for metal roof systems?

Many contractors have no interest that the roof they installed to maintain it’s warranty, their only goal being to secure a job, if possible on a long term. I understand and appreciate their efforts to go on in a constantly expanding market with a very strong competition. However, property owners, owners of production halls, residential homes owners, it is time to talk about a very important subject: in what circumstances can you lose the warranty of your roof, regarding both the producers and insurance companies.

🏠 Take for example a house that has had a metal roof installed a year ago. The property owner that wants to add some dependencies or just a simple opening for the installation of air conditioning. Pay attention: it is recommended to use only materials that are compatible with the existing ones. In other words, the materials for the remodel must be of the same type and from the same manufacturer as the ones already existent. The contractor that will perform the work on the roof, will also have to be approved by the manufacturer. If you do otherwise you risk to instantly lose the warranty on your roof.

When it comes to metal roof that has a warranty of 60 years, a reputable contractor will refuse the installation of additional materials from another manufacturer but the original. But again, I repeat, even if I become the public enemy number one, that most of the contractors do not have the interest to give any information about warranty requirements. Moreover, the insurance company will refuse to pay any compensation on the grounds that the manufacturer’s initial guidelines weren’t respected. About the agreements made between the contractors and the insurance companies can learn more here.

🏠 Think about it: for a small area of your new roof, you got a 25 years warranty but at the same time you lost the warranty on the initial investment, which cost 10 or 20 times more. Is it worth it? I know, you cannot know it all but at least you can get informed. This is what you are doing now. So, remember: the manufacturer doesn’t accept any contractor and some contractors are not willing to inform you about the risks that fall upon you and only you.

The warranty of a metal roof should be carefully preserved. A house is an investment made with an effort, be a responsible guardian. In other words you just need to pay attention to the contractors that appear to be very intelligent. But don’t misunderstand the fact that an intelligent or a less intelligent contractor can prevent us from losing that warranty and thus devaluing our house, but we have to get informed and be responsible.

If you are building a new outbuilding, without the old building or the existing roof being touched, then there is absolutely no problem, no one can say that the old roof warranty is void. Pay attention to the initial roof system manufacturer. Make sure they have their own network of customer service, that is extensive enough and that you can access quickly and without unnecessary and excessive costs.

Finally, have you already made the mistake we’ve been talking about? Then we are sorry, keep getting informed and the next time try not to make the same mistake again.

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